Hello! Much more coming to this page soon.

Mountain Moon Farm is a plant-based permaculture homestead, regenerative food forest, and licensed nursery that is split between Paw Paw, West Virginia and Linden, Virginia. We have a variety of farm goodies for sale at local farmers markets, by appointment, and by mail as bare root plants.

Here’s some of what we are growing (a partial list! There will be more than what’s listed here. To see the most updated current list of what is available to order or pick up, you can go to this page.).


Live fruit and nut trees and bushes  

Blueberry (various varieties)

Thornless blackberry

Mulberry (red and black)


Juneberry aka Serviceberry (mostly Saskatoon but a few other varieties too)

Fig (various varieties)

American hazelnut

Chinese chestnut 

Paw Paw

Apple (from seed, surprise varieties!)

American persimmon

Chickasaw plum

Rose of Sharon

Concord grape


Other plants and plant stuff:

Veggie starts (tomato, squash, basil, and others)

Mushrooms (oyster, wine cap, shiitake)

Sweet potato slips 

“Green Giant” privacy trees

Assorted plant cuttings TBD

Bunny/guinea pig compost blend!


For more info about where to find us, or to reserve plants for purchase, just contact Jen at jen@mountainmoonfarm.com. Plants are all available for purchase locally in Linden, VA, or Paw Paw, WV.