We have a dedicated (and growing!) team of rescued herbivores hard at work 24-7 here at the farm. Here’s a little more about them in case you want to get to know them!


Chickpea is our team lead and boss piggy. She is a reliable producer and enjoys ear scratchies. She has really never met a snack she doesn’t like.

Turtle Bean is a shy girl but warms up for the right treats. She doesn’t like ear scratches too much but she’ll tolerate an occasional nose boop. She loves cilantro the most.

Rosie is very curious and sweet. She LOVES ear scratchies and she’ll eat anything much like her co-boss piggy Chickpea. She has a habit of stealing food from Sesame.

Sesame is aka “Norman” because of the Psycho-like wheeking she can produce when she hears carrots coming out of the refrigerator downstairs. She likes ear scratches however she might try to nibble on you if you give her love. 

Daisy is #1 Boss Bunny. She loves her barley cookies and likes to play with the springy door stop in the middle of the night. She is the softest bunny ever and eats her beloved hay pellets right out of Jen’s hand.

Violet is a little shy but super curious and a total sweetie bug. She brakes for parsley. 



And of course….four devoted farm pups! In order of seniority: Motown, Mellie, Princess, and Lucy. Fierce defenders of the realm, skilled sunbathers, and voracious consumers of rotten tomatoes (except Mo, who prefers rotten carrots.)